Portfolio and case studies

Case study: Oakland Christian Schools Clarkston campus
Spring – Summer 2010

Challenge: Oakland Christian School (OCS) located in Clarkston, Michigan, is an early education and elementary school through 3rd grade and a feeder campus to the school’s larger K-12 campus in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Their school facility is rented from and connected to Clarkston Community Church, which is located directly across from the very visible Clarkston High School. Many Clarkston residents had knowledge of the church, but little awareness that a portion of the building housed Oakland Christian School.

Objective: Market brand and location to generate increased enrollment for Fall 2010.

Results: After developing and quickly implementing a marketing strategy in a six-week period beginning in late April 2010, the Nemeth Marketing staff was able to increase enrollment by 20% when the doors opened for school on August, 18, 2010.

Case study: Clarkston, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
Taste of Clarkston

Challenge: Determine if the Chamber’s marketing dollars were being used effectively for the large community event Taste of Clarkston. A one-day event that features area restaurants and food vendors while focusing on events for the family.

Objective: Conduct market research at event to determine zip code of attendees.

Results: Made marketing recommendations to Chamber’s Taste of Clarkston Committee that saved a very strapped budget $8,000. Ultimately, Chamber members’ dues were being used as effectively as possible.